Why I love being a naturopath in Auckland

I love being a Naturopath in Auckland. I am so passionate about helping people reach great health and living in a busy growing city I have so many opportunities to help people.

I was a registered nurse for many years and always held an interest in natural health remedies and herbal options to support good health. . Naturopathy provides well balanced natural health care that is designed to be realistic and that fits in with your lifestyle. So, while some lifestyle changes may be required, these will be done in steps that are manageable and achievable for you as an individual.

So here are the top 4 reasons why I love being a Naturopath.

Playing Health Detective

Naturopathy is a passion of mine and over the years I’ve worked with people on all sorts of health concerns and challenges.  Sometimes it’s’ obvious what the issue(s) is but other times it’s a mystery. The only thing I have to go on are words like ‘somethings just not right’, ‘I’m exhausted all the time’ or ‘I have this ongoing issue but no real reason for it’.  That’s what I love about my job the opportunity to help people who are often ready to give up, frustrated and resigned to living this way.

It’s a partnership

Naturopathic medicine is health-focused, patient-centred approach. Rather than spending mere minutes reviewing your set of symptoms, I’m able to use our consults to truly uncover the root cause of a disease or issue. My consults are longer than a typical doctors visit as I want to fully understand your medical history, environment, lifestyle, diet, and emotional concerns. I also gather information on anything else that helps to paint the picture of your health. The ultimate goal is to design a plan that goes beyond treating symptoms and considers the whole person.

Using Natural methods to heal

As a naturopath I use non-invasive and natural therapies to tap into the body’s self-healing abilities. I use a combination of supplements and herbs to support and maintain your health and overall wellbeing. I love that I can access Practitioner-only products for my clients as they are scientifically researched, of high quality and are clinically effective.

It’s about prevention

Often medicine comes when the issue exists or has existed for a long time and is a quick fix to resolve the most obvious issues. I love Naturopathy because it focuses on the underlying cause of a condition and applies treatments that work in alliance with the natural healing mechanisms of the body rather than against them. As a naturopath I not only treat the health challenge but also provide you with clear strategies on how to empower and improve your life by minimising illnesses or issues from the outset. 

So, if I’ve piqued your interest or you have a health issue that you want to address, please Book An Appointment with me and let’s start the journey to your wellness.

Take care, Caroline