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As a naturopath I believe that food is a great foundation for good health and wellbeing. The Taste Success programmes are holistic food-based programmes that focus on simple, fresh foods, which are easily put together and taste delicious. On completing the programme clients report having improved energy and sleep, better digestion, lowered stress levels, weight loss, reduced pain and inflammation, and better skin and hormone balance.

The Foundation Programme is a  popular 12-week programme that gives you a solid, easy-to-follow plan to get your eating right on track for a healthier, more energised you. During your initial consultation you will receive a recipe book with delicious and easy to prepare recipes, as well as meal plans and shopping lists for the first 2 weeks. Following on from that you will receive ongoing support with 2 weekly follow ups (either in person or online) and nutritional information specific to your needs. The recipes are tasty, easy to prepare and suitable for the whole family. The weekly meal plans take the hard work out of deciding what to eat each day and are nutritionally balanced to help with cravings and unhealthy food habits. 

COST:  $399

The Refresh Programme is a further twelve weeks of delicious meals and weekly menus so you can continue on your healthy eating programme. It is a slight step up from the Foundation programme, and includes more high quality, nutrient-dense foods to keep you moving in the right direction for optimising your health and wellbeing. You will receive a new recipe book, meal plans and shopping lists, health, and nutrition tips plus the same level of ongoing support.

COST:  $399

The Gut Programme is a 6-week programme that is specially designed to nourish your gut through nutrition and to help you feel great. The recipes not only taste delicious, but also contain nutrients that are specifically aimed at supporting healthy digestion. Whether you have bloating, constipation, looseness, nausea, pain, reflux and more, this programme nourishes your digestive system from the inside and may help resolve some of these health issues. This programme is based on easy recipes made from clean wholefoods, so it not only works on your gut health, but your whole wellbeing. It includes initial and follow up consultations, a recipe book, meal plans, shopping lists, and nutritional tips.  

COST:  $299

“I truly believe in balance when it comes to your health and that naturopathy is an amazing way to achieve optimal health.”

– Caroline