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Naturopath Consultations

In person or online

As well as face-to-face naturopath consultations at any of the 3 central Auckland locations I work from, I also provide online consults.  Follow up consults can be done face-to-face or online.

Initial Consult

In your initial hour long consult we will discuss your health concerns in detail, your diet and nutrition, lifestyle, digestive health, and other body systems such as hormones, thyroid and cardiovascular health. From this we will develop a customised plan which will include nutritional and dietary recommendations, lifestyle advice and recommended herbs and supplements.

Follow Up Consult

Making lifestyle and dietary changes can be challenging and in order to support you and help you keep on track I strongly recommend  follow up consultations.  During our 30-minute session we will review your  plan, assess your progress, make changes as necessary and add any additional elements as needed. 

Online Consult 

If you live outside of Auckland, are travelling or just finding it hard to find the time to travel to see me, don’t let that stop you booking a consult. Your initial consult and all follow up consults can be provided online. If at any time you want to change that and see me in person you can easily book that online.

“By gradually implementing changes you can have a positive impact on your health and play a large role in disease prevention.”

– Caroline